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About Self Sufficient Sailing

Are you ready to live the dream holiday far away from the crowd?

We can help with your boat automation by  installing a desalination system,  a solar panel system a satellite system or whatever you need to make your boat grid-independent.

Self Sufficient Sailing
Self Sufficient Sailing

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In Italian, a boat is called barca , while arca is ark, as in  Noah’s Ark. By just ripping a “b” away, a simple boat, preferably a sailboat, becomes a refuge, a place where to spend some time to spend time during a dangerous situation.

We are passionate about boats, a lot of you may own their own. I know you are dreaming of extreme sailing worldwide in search of peace and nature, and maybe the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic already got you thinking: escaping the virus  on board of your yacht, while sailing towards beautiful places, perhaps somewhere the infection is low.

I can’t really imagine how this situation will evolve, but I know that owning a boat in these days represents, under my point of view, a kind of insurance for my family and myself.

My boat is ready! I keep everything on board as if I had to leave tomorrow and cross the ocean, but above all, I prepare it to be as self-sufficient as possible. There are a lot of devices you will need to face life off the grid on your boat while maintaining a minimum of comfort and a modern lifestyle. I am sure that none of you will want to give up keeping in touch with relatives, friends and colleagues, for example.

Do you really know which  technologies allow you to do just that while on your yacht, while you cruise around the world, trying to stay at a safe distance from Covid-19? Be careful, though, because not all communication systems allow you to use your mobile phone as if you were on 5th Avenue. We can provide you with the equipment you need to do it and teach you all you need to know to safe thousands of dollars. We’ve been navigating the seas around the world for the past 30 years, and we’ve used all types of communication systems: we can advise you on the most suitable for your needs, while helping you keep an eye on your pockets.

Self Sufficient Boat
With a Self Sufficient Boat your ‘private marina’ could anywhere

Ours is also a passion, and if yours is, we will even help you obtain an amateur radio license!

All onboard devices consume energy, and most of your boats do not have batteries suitable for long periods at sea without an available electrical outlet. We can design a system ideal for your needs, by combining solar panels and other renewable and non-renewable sources.

In our projects, we use only the best materials, which we have personally tested for durability and reliability. You will have all the energy you need with the least possible pollution. We are green without being fanatic, so yes: we also take care of the environment.

And then, there is water. Water is essential on board. But tanks are never enough. A lovely shower at the end of the day after lots of sun and seawater is a real pleasure that you can afford anywhere with a good watermaker ( desalination system). We know them all, and we have used a lot of them… We will recommend the right one for you. We will make a customized installation to improve the productivity of the system, we will teach you to use it and, if you want, we’ll also tell about all the tricks to take all the showers you want and wash all the dishes with a minimum water consumption!

It took us years to perfect them, but in front of an excellent aperitif — we love Gin & Tonic — we will tell you everything!

If you want to go around the world on a sailing trip or just browse for a long offline weekend, why don’t you contact us? We can make your boat much more welcoming than you think. Our experience just for you. Fair winds and … bye-bye Covid-19!

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